About Me

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else"

I also think that it takes a lot of courage to write your words and hope that people will find it interesting.

I write my words for many years now, write about how I feel, the people in my life, my loved ones, my failures, my dreams and my fears.

"Careful poetry and careful people live only long enough to die safely"

In October 2017 I went on a journey to travel the world.

I started in Africa which was my dream. I met there Guy, my partner to this journey, who used to write everyday in his notebook about our adventures.

On the day we seperated to our different ways, he lost his notebook.

I decided to write our memories from my point of view and to upload it so people can read about those adventures.

This is how the blog was created!


The meaning of this blog is to tell my story, around Africa and other parts of the world.

I'm here to give you tips about how to travel cheap, information about destinations I've visited, and how to make your dreams come true (at least about my way of doing it..)

What is the meaning of Jangwa?

Jangwa is the translation of "Desert" in Swahili.

The desert is the place I love most, and one of my main reasons to reach certain places around the world.

You are more than welcome to write to me, i'll be happy to help you in any question!

Best Regards,