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My solo travel in Africa

This is my personal story of what was it like to travel solo in Africa that hopefully encourages you to embark on a similar journey yourself. My solo travel in Africa actually started solo, but with time turned into a trip where I met some good friends who, even so many years later, are still so present in my life. In the following post you can read about my personal experience as a woman alone in Africa, about the decision to travel there alone and fulfill a big dream of mine, and how I came back more in love than ever in this place.

Vegan food in Africa

The African continent is, in my opinion, one of the easiest places for vegans, especially those who are not spoiled and are able to eat the same dish over and over againת day after day (like me).In the next post you will hear about what it is like to be vegan in a place like Africa, what are the options for vegan food on the African continent, what you should watch out for and how to travel on the continent without harming animals.