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7 day itinerary in Tyrol region Austria

A few years ago as part of a long trip I took in Europe during summer, that included Austria, Germany and France, my mother and I joined forces.In the next post, you are invited to read our itinerary - as mother and daughter in an area that is still one of my favorites in the world - the Tyrol region in Austria (and a bit of Germany as well).

10 reasons to travel Iceland in Winter

Iceland is a wonderful place to travel all year round, but it has real charm on winter days.All the landscapes take on a much more extreme hue, the ground is covered with snow, and the green colors of summer change to the black and white of winter.I even think the place becomes much more alien in winter.Therefore, in the next post I will show you all the reasons why you should come and travel in Iceland in the winter..!

Things to do (for free!) in Lisbon

In this post I decided to gather a lot of sights and attractions that can be done at no cost in Lisbon (and also some very cheap variations).The purpose of this post is, among other things, to allow people to discover parts of the city that can be visited and enjoyed even if traveling on a low budget.I hope this post will enrich your variety of options for a trip to the city of Lisbon :)

Best things to do in Innsbruck

I first came to Innsbruck, Austria 9 years ago as part of a Eurotrip I did in the summer of that year.From the very first moment I walked down the city's main street and my eyes watched the snow-capped Alps surrounding it, I knew I was in love. Difficult.In this post I will describe the best things you can do in Innsbruck, where to sleep, where to eat and what are the best attractions to do in Innsbruck.

Best accommodation in Istanbul

İstanbul has plenty of areas worth visiting, so it's no surprise that you'll want to find the best accommodations in the city depending on the areas you choose to explore.The following post was written in order to gather for you some of the accommodations (whether hotels, vacation apartments or hostels) that are considered the most recommended in Istanbul.All the recommendations were written after research I conducted on social networks and online, in order to find the most authentic recommendations for you.I really hope this post will help you find hotels that will make your stay in Istanbul much more pleasant.

Visiting Berlenga Grande Island in Portugal

If you are looking for a great place to visit during your trip to Portugal, you have come to the right post.Berlenga Grande Island is one of the places that are most worth visiting in Portugal.In this post I will write all the details you need to know in order to get to Berlenga Grande Island, what to do there, where to eat on the island and which places are worth visiting.

Costs of a two week trip in Iceland

Iceland has a reputation as an expensive place to visit, and quite rightly so.In the next post, I will detail the costs you can expect for a two-week trip to Iceland, what are the main things that are going to make the whole experience more expensive for you, and tips on how to reduce costs so that you do not have to break the bank to travel to this amazing place.

2 weeks winter itinerary in Iceland

Iceland for me was a real dream come true.I came to Iceland at the end of February especially to try and catch the northern lights, and a little spoiler - I was not disappointed :)This post will describe our 2 weeks winter itinerary in Iceland which I planned for me and my partner.

Things to do in Terceira island

Terceira is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and is part of the Azores archipelago, which has about nine islands. The island belongs to Portugal and can be easily reached by flight from Lisbon/Porto. Now I'm here to tell you about all the most worthwhile things you can do in Terceira and what, of course, you mustn't miss :)

Itinerary for Two Weeks in the Azores Islands

I arrived in the Azores on May 2023, with a rather spontaneous decision and without a planned route.The plans I had in Portugal were cancelled, and I already had a flight booked, and my partner who I hadn't seen in 3 months was coming to Portugal as well. Welcome to our journey through the Azores Islands :)

Cost of a two-week trip to the Azores

For many of us, the cost of the trip is an important factor to consider.I hope to answer some of your questions about costs. I still believe that even though we flew at short notice, traveled during the off season and traveled in a low budget style, I will still be able to provide you with some indication of the costs of a two-week trip to the Azores.

12 Best things to do on São Miguel Island

São Miguel is one of the 9 volcanic islands which make up the Portuguese archipelago, the Azores Islands.It's hard for me to describe in words (although it is my job) how diverse and beautiful Sao Miguel is.There are lots of cool things you can do there, but in order to find out you will just have to read this post :)

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