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10 reasons to travel Iceland in Winter

Iceland is a wonderful place to travel all year round, but it has real charm on winter days.All the landscapes take on a much more extreme hue, the ground is covered with snow, and the green colors of summer change to the black and white of winter.I even think the place becomes much more alien in winter.Therefore, in the next post I will show you all the reasons why you should come and travel in Iceland in the winter..!

Costs of a two week trip in Iceland

Iceland has a reputation as an expensive place to visit, and quite rightly so.In the next post, I will detail the costs you can expect for a two-week trip to Iceland, what are the main things that are going to make the whole experience more expensive for you, and tips on how to reduce costs so that you do not have to break the bank to travel to this amazing place.

2 weeks winter itinerary in Iceland

Iceland for me was a real dream come true.I came to Iceland at the end of February especially to try and catch the northern lights, and a little spoiler - I was not disappointed :)This post will describe our 2 weeks winter itinerary in Iceland which I planned for me and my partner.

Traveling is the spice of life, so keep it from getting bitter ;)